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Delhi-6 Movie In Hd Download \/\/TOP\\\\

Not going deep inside the story and plot because till end I could not find a single rational storyline, not even parallel one, not eve an askew one. NRI returns to Chandni Chowk from Amrika with his ailing grand-ma (her last wish). The boy definitely like any firang desi is amused at everything. The traffic jams, cows giving birth in middle of the road, padosi behaving, interfering and yak-yakking like family members, the narrow lanes adorned with gazillion shops. Almost everything. His NRI mind is looking for an identity in the chaotic assembly. He is confused soul. So much so that by the middle of the movie he imagines one whole song where Amrika and Delhi are mixed. Watch it to believe how grossly that was shot.

Delhi-6 Movie In Hd Download

Well, for me it was a very sensitive , a simple, warm ,cultural , definitely with a politica lmessage and why not, cry of the hour. I just simply fell in love with the movie. It takes lot of guts to make a movie like this.Happy tht for once songs were not sung around trees or silly, disco jamm. No Idiotic disco bhangra It was pictuerised in India, shows the way Delhi_6 really is.It is an amazing movie. people should thnik about the each line thats said or written. Rehnu tu was so well meant , Love fo r Nation, City, fellow countrymen and yes for LOVERas well. what a beauty and sensitivity.This coorporate worldis changing lives fast and leaves no time for little details which acutally are so vital and enhance beauty of a human.

I just LOVED THIS MOVE and cnt have enough of it.There are so many insensitive and worthless movies made by lot of youth ICONS, which are disasterous. GO WATCG AGAIN; if ou didntlike it for the first time. dont smoke or drink a Beer for a day but watch the movie.

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One of the most underrated Indian movie. Deals with custom tradition corruption overall Black Monkey inside us that spoils our society through us. Yes it is one of the underrated movie with the underrated star Abhishek Bacchhan. The layer are so thick in this film that you have to observe and should take conclusion from it. It is old as well very contemporaneous. We should contemplate the message delivered in this movie. It is very nice movie.Roshan has visited Delhi 6 the native place of his Grandmother who wants to live her some life here before she dies. Roshan gradually likes the culture and the people around.He falls for the girl Bittu who's father want her to marry soon. Unknown creature is haunting the city The black monkey Who is black monkey and it's consequences on the society that is the story. Movie is good with good messages. Music is another highlight of the movie with great composition by A R Rahman.It is nicely made movie but most underrated Indian movie.

"Delhi 6" is a messy and overlong - though frequently appealing - tale of a young American man who travels to India to rediscover his roots. When his grandmother is diagnosed with diabetes, Roshan agrees to accompany her back to the land of her birth so she can end her life at the same place where she began it. While there, Roshan learns a thing or two about a culture he's been largely sheltered from in his life in New York. This includes taking the bad along with the good: the sense of community along with the antiquated caste system; the respect for tradition along with the adherence to ancient superstitions; the respect for law-and-order along with the corruption and cronyism of the police and politicians; the technological advances along with a scarcity of resources like electricity and water; the arranged marriages along with the flowering of true love. That latter is particularly crucial to the story as Roshan falls for a beautiful, independent-minded woman whose father wants to marry her off to a man of his choosing even though her heart's desire is to perform as a singer on the popular TV show "Indian Idol." Like most mainstream movies made in India, "Delhi 6" provides a relatively upbeat, prettified look at life in that country. Any hint of poverty is pushed to the edges, while the foreground becomes an almost nonstop dizzying swirl of music and color. And I do mean "nonstop," for if there is one thing "Delhi 6" has in abundance it's musical sequences, some of which drag on for an insufferably long time, adding an unnecessary burden to the movie's overall running time. The film also culminates in an overwrought scene that feels like a bizarre melding of "West Side Story" with "Carousel." So what's likable about "Delhi 6"? Well, its cultural observations are sometimes compelling, particularly its portrayal of the tension that exists between Hindus and Muslims in that nation. Also, the actors (Abhishek Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor, et. al.) are both physically attractive and energetic. And while the humor occasionally veers towards the goofy and the "villainous" figures are largely two-dimensional stereotypes, the movie has a genuine affection for its characters and country (flaws and all) that finally wins us over.

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Delhi 6 makes old Delhi come alive. The narrow bylanes, the havelis (old style houses) and the way people talk and act feels very authentic, although apparently the director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra shot most of the movie in Sambar, (near Jaipur, Rajasthan) which is similar to Old Delhi.

Kislay, I liked Dev D. Somehow during this period when I was busy with personal matters many interesting movies were released and I missed reviewing them! But did not miss seeing them! ?

Delhi-6 was directed by Rakesh Omprakash Mehra. This movie is not about a sports team, nor a disco, nor a bar. Delhi 6 is actually a postal code signifying a specific neighborhood. The actual code is Delhi 110006.

Abhishek Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor's cult film Delhi 6 completes 13 years today (February 20). And so, on this very special occasion, AB could not control his excitement, as he took down the memory lane by sharing a collage video that celebrates many scenes from the film. The movie is helmed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra.

Sometimes in a sea of trashy, flashy films, a movie comes along and breaks your heart. It doesn't shout, scream, swivel its hips or even wear neon costumes. It just is, like life, messy, complicated, sometimes fun, at other times bloody awful. Delhi-6 is a film like that. What's it about? Well, it's about a young man, son of a Muslim mother and Hindu father, who brings his dying grandmother to her 1808 haveli in Chandni Chowk, because she wants to die here. So there she is, doing her "maut ki shopping" as Abhishek's character, Roshan, puts it drolly.

It's difficult, almost impossible to make a movie about a metaphor. Imagine hearing this pitch: it's about the kaala bandar, the monkeyman, the monster, that is inside all of us. Yes, yes, roll your eyes and imagine it being made into an engrossing story which weaves a real life monkeyman scare in New Delhi into a story about how it almost divides the two communities that comprise Chandni Chowk, Hindus and Muslims, when a fake swami insists that the monkeyman is striking the area because an old temple was destroyed to build a mosque. Yes, you got the parable, a tricky political comment to make in our spineless times.

Which brings me to Roshan. Is there another actor who is as brave as Abhishek Bachchan in Bollywood? Yes, there is Abhay Deol, but he hasn't had to bear the brunt of such big budget movies on his shoulders. In Delhi-6, Abhishek has excelled himself, getting the accent of a New York bred and born as pitch perfect as the bafflement of an outsider at the growing distress in the community. Roshan is that rare hero in Bollywood who has all the time in the world, whether it is to record pigeons on his phone or shake hands with a goat.

Hey, am I making this movie sound serious? It's not only that. There's a lot of subtle humour here, whether it is the exchanges between the feisty Bittu and Roshan, or Roshan's American awe-isms. "Oh, look, Dadi," he says at one point, watching the Ramlila, "that's the bit with the golden deer." Among the many lovely lines written by Prasoon Joshi, there's one I really liked: "Hindustan ke nalon main paani ho na ho, hamari ankhon main zaroor hota hai (India may not have water in its taps, but it has enough in its eyes)," says the Nawab. Quite. You'll be shedding a lot of that water in the course of this movie. Go watch it. Now. But at leisure. As they would say in old Delhi, "fursat se".


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