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New Chutney Songs 2022 EXCLUSIVE

Yes! Chutney soca lovers, It’s that time of the year when the new Chutney soca songs that will be dominating the airwaves and competitions of 2022 are being released. Included in the list are songs that are sure to make a hit by some of the big guns in the Industry like Ravi B, Bunty Singh, Tony Cutz, Hunter, Elsa Lisa, and many others.

New Chutney Songs 2022


Among the young competitors, Aditya Seepersad won the first-ever CRC Rajkumar (Prince) 2022 title. However, no princesses (females under 18 years) entered the Rajkumari competition, said a media release from

In keeping with her mission to deliver the sounds of the Caribbean to an international audience and break down barriers for the music of her homeland within the European Market, the dynamic dual citizen of T&T and Switzerland seeks to be crowned the next EUK Soca Monarch at the upcoming 2022 Europe United Kingdom Soca Monarch (EUKSM) Competition.

WITH a total of 184 points, Vanita Willie was able to outperform nine other competitors and walk away with the 2022 Chutney Monarch title on Sunday night.Bunty Singh and Vicadi Singh tied for second place with 170 points, while Sonia Singh was named the Best New Comer.

Music for MUXX, an EP of music written and produced by EYIBRA and NNUX for their performance piece 'Bigiridiribela' in collaboration with artists Lukas Avendaño and Oswaldo Erreve, which will premiere in September 2022 at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Duo Mantar, comprised of Israeli mandolinist Jacob Reuven and American classical guitarist Adam Levin, commissioned Israeli composer Ziv Cojocaro to compose a double concerto for mandolin, guitar, and orchestra to be premiered and recorded at the Israeli Music Festival in late September 2022.

DONNA DESTROYA is a collaboration between three queer and BIPOC artists- Danny Denial, Nicolle Swims of Black Ends, and R.J. Crow, a multi-media project that combines music with comics to tell a coming-of-story that touches on race, sexuality, religion, gender identity and drag. The project aims to release the illustrations and music alongside one another in 2022, championing black queer voices from black queer artists in a way the community hasn't seen before.

Mad Myth Science is an electro acoustic quartet sustained throughout the pandemic as a collaborative effort to keep the music going in our isolation. Our goal is to share this cumulative work with audiences through a recorded album and live performances in 2022.

"The Stories We Live By" is an evening-length song cycle written for Tis Kaoru Zamler-Carhart and Verdant Vibes comprised of songs based on myths from around the world that center strong non-binary characters.

Tabla player, Roshni Samlal envisions a percussion-forward ode to her familial Trinidadian musical history and to song forms born out of indentureship, influenced by the mythos of exile, Bhojpuri folk songs, chutney music, sound design contextualized tabla solos and the narrative waters of memory in carrying stories to new lands.

Featuring 40+ musicians worldwide, Russell Scarbrough remotely recorded 10 original pieces during the 2020-21 pandemic, over 60 minutes of music for 18-piece jazz orchestra, culminating in the record "FUN TIMES" to be released late in 2022.

Seong Ae Kim composed a new work "2 Folk songs for soprano and chamber ensemble (2022)" to promote #StopAAPIHate and Left Coast Chamber Ensemble who commissioned the work and will give the premiere performance in San Francisco, CA.

Swing Makes You Sing EP is a collection of high quality original jazz songs for kids to experience authentic connection to fundamentals of jazz and the values and social skills that jazz embodies - through topics that are relevant to young people (e.g. conversation, listening, friendships, food, school, feelings). 041b061a72


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