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Kirill Morozov

((HOT)) Download Dubsteps

LA producer turned overnight comedian Vine star Getter has been turning out tracks right and left as of late with the long list including his collab with Ghastly on the OWSLA Worldwide Broadcast Compilation, a remix of Jack U's "Febreeze" and many more. On top of releasing music, Getter's infamous "Suh Dude" slogan/meme has not been able to stay out of our feeds and ineviatably he's released a song after the slogan. He keeps things in his signature dubstep fashion with heavy drums and ferocious synths to match up with the different annotations of "Suh Dude" keeping you smiling throughout the song. Stream the tune below and grab a free download. Enjoy

download dubsteps

If you're been onboard from the start you'll know that 342 free dubstep samples have already been made available for download, but if that's not quite enough for you, keep reading (and clicking) for some extra bonus content.

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