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Bulat Danilov
Bulat Danilov

Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS: Fast 331

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to transfer files from one machine to another machine or server. If you plan to manage your own virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated server to host your blog or website, i would suggest you install ftp service. It will be easy for you to retrieved and upload any files to the VPS server. This post describes the steps to install and configure vsftpd FTP Server on Ubuntu 14.04.

Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS: Fast 331


FTP, short for File Transfer Protocol, is a network protocol that was once widely used for moving files between a client and server. It has since been replaced by faster, more secure, and more convenient ways of delivering files. Many casual Internet users expect to download directly from their web browser with https, and command-line users are more likely to use secure protocols such as the scp or sFTP.

This laptop has two operating systems on it, both Linux distributions.Currently, it's hosting Ubuntu 14.04, as I've shown you in the second review, as well as the latest Kubuntu Trusty. Well, in this review, Ubuntu goes, and we are going to beusing Mint in its place. This will also give us a good opportunity to see how it fares when it comes to bothstability and performance.


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