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Corporate Chanakya Pdf Download ((NEW))

The book mainly follows the tradition of Chanakya for corporate professionals and entrepreneurs. Corporate professionals and leadership are three different entities. Corporate professionals face themselves with the organizational issues and set goals to achieve company objectives. Leadership means to hold the senior managers accountable for the performance of subordinates.

corporate chanakya pdf download

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The second set of principles of management is to keep a high level of control of financial resources and use them efficiently. Corporate managers need to be focused on the all-round development of their organization. And for this, they should ensure that all the employees are enthusiastic about company objectives.

Chanakya guides his readers on the method of training of workers which is a must for successful business. So as to ensure that workers are much ahead of their peers, they must be subject to evaluation of their abilities, talents and skills regularly. For this to happen, trainers must make use of evaluation and motivational lectures to make sure all employees are kept motivated.

At every level of an organization, its leaders must act in the interest of their subordinates. As Chanakya suggests, such leaders must work towards the good of their subordinates. Supervisors must encourage their subordinates to work hard and strive to achieve organizational objectives.

Even if youve learned the lessons, it is easy to forget them at the workplace. Chanakya suggests that to avoid loss of profitability, you should modify your business from time to time, especially during bad times. So, businesses should change their products or services to stay competitive.


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