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Are Canadian Pinty's Series drivers notable? There is a deletion discussion about Treyten Lapcevich. He was the 2021 series Rookie of the Year, a full-time driver who finished 5th in points, and just won his first series race last weekend. The article was started with just database entries and without citing publication of the subject in major independent sports/racing periodicals that the rest of Wikipedia expects to see.


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This is the major problem that this WikiProject keeps facing (articles started without fleshing out the subject's history using reliable sources). NASCAR's licensing prevents drivers from appearing out of thin air as their racing history needs to show a level of progression up to the NASCAR level. You don't just move directly from the lowest level at a local track to NASCAR without proving progression on larger local / regional track in high horsepower racecars. Articles about drivers who race in other major national touring series often are started without even a mention that they currently race professionally full-time in USAC, Lucas Oil / World of Outlaws Super Late Models on dirt, etc. or part-time in the biggest regional touring series such as CARS, ARCA Midwest Tour, Short Track Super Series, etc. Kudos to User:Tyman9348 for recently doing the opposite - an excellent job on Buddy Kofoid. This is an example of what an ideal new article should look like (and I know others are also doing a great job and you know who you are). My comments are especially relevant to the group of people starting out articles on below-NASCAR drivers (ARCA) with highly questionable notability for a on-off start. I'm not singling out any individual contributors - rather talking in general. It's a bad feeling when I realize that I wasted precious time after one of the articles that I worked on gets deleted for not being notable. Royalbroil 01:23, 22 May 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply] 041b061a72


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