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Invensys Thermostat Manual Model Fd

The FO-HB9 universal fan blower kit replaces all previous 1996+ generation RSF fan kits, including the FO-FDHB5-N and the FO-FDHB8. The new centrifugal blower design produces nearly 10 times the static pressure then its predecessors and uses a ball bearing Class H insulated motor for reliability and heat tolerance. The included universal mounting plate allows the blower to be adapted easily to older models. Adding this blower will significantly improve the circulation of heated air in the room the fireplace is installed.The complete kit includes the blower, universal mounting plate, 3-prong power cord, quick connect terminals, fork connectors for terminal block power, automatic thermostat sensor, variable speed controller, all necessary hardware and installation instructions. The FO-HB9 replaces all previous blower kits and blowers, so it is recommended for anyone installing a blower for the first time or replacing an existing blower.Please see compatibility guide below before purchasing. The blower kit is NOT to be installed when used with Clean Face finishes.

Invensys Thermostat Manual Model Fd

Contractor installation instructions are provided with the the kit. Most kits are pre-wired for easy installation, but always consult with a professional if you experience problems during the installation. We're available by phone at 262-989-4882 to answer any installation questions you may have. You can also visit our helpful document center, where you can find installation manuals and videos related to this product. It's important to note that written instuctions can't always be provided for every model of fireplace, but we make every effort to provide OEM or our own instructions for your benefit. And for several of our products, we have helpful video installation tutorials that can help answer questions that written instructions along can not provide.

Most fireplace manufacturers recommend the use of a specific blower kit in their fireplace. The blower or fan kit recommended by the manufacturer can typically be found in your owner's or service manual. You can also use our helpful Find Your Blower tool at the top of the page to match your fireplace's brand and model to the correct blower kit. And finally, you can also reference the Does It Fit section in the description of every blower kit we sell, which itemizes the brands and models that each blower kit or replacement blower is compatible with. If you don't see your brand or model listed, please reach out to us directy by clicking the Ask an Expert button below, and one of our expert staff will reach out to you with assistance. 041b061a72


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