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Office 2010 SP2 Pro Plus October 2020 Free Down...

The public beta was available to subscribers of TechNet, MSDN and Microsoft Connect users on November 16, 2009.[51] On November 18, 2009, the beta was officially released to the general public at the Microsoft Office Beta website, which was originally launched by Microsoft on November 11, 2009 to provide screenshots of the new office suite.[52] Office 2010 Beta was a free, fully functional version and expired on October 31, 2010.[53]

Office 2010 SP2 Pro Plus October 2020 Free Down...

I am having a problem installing Office plus 2010 on a windows XP pro system. it installs 99% then freezes eventually it comes up there has been an error and installation was cancelled. But I am getting notices to install updates to my office 2010 which is not installed. I see several people have had the same problem. Can you help with the solution.

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