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Bulat Danilov
Bulat Danilov

Tears For Fears — Everybody Wants To Rule The World

There are a lot of irrational fears about nuclear power, it is not the "boogie" man. No system of any kind is completely safe. Here is some perspective. All over the world we operate a complex transportation network consisting of roads and vehicles. We provide the vehicle operators with safe operating training and the system has passive and active safety systems, but each and every year thousands of people are killed and many more injured and yet we don't stop driving or demand that the system be completely fail safe. It seems we only get truly worked up about something if there is a possibility that it may injure or kill a whole bunch of people all at once.

Tears for Fears — Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Yes. What has happened to Japan's Daichi reactors is the exception, not the rule. 99% of nuclear plants around the world have been operating for decades without problems and continue to put electricity onto the grid using cleaner production methods than coal-burning plants. Driving a car is more harmful to the environment than a stable nuclear facility, despite the alarmist sound-bytes popping up since the tragedy in Japan. 041b061a72


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